Personality Dimensions® is the latest evolution in presenting Personality Temperament Theory. It builds on research conducted in Canada over a period or two decades, and the foundations established by the work of Carl Jung, David Keirsey, Linda Berens, as well as a history of Temperament that spans 25 centuries.

 The Personality Dimensions® system utilizes a convenient card sort and short questionnaire to reveal personality preferences. In addition to being the first Temperament assessment to incorporate the Introversion/Extroversion dichotomy,Personality Dimensions® also uses four colours along with short descriptors and symbols to represent the Temperament preferences: Inquiring Green, Organized GoldAuthentic Blue, Resourceful Orange. These combined aspects create a common language of understanding with a high level of retention.

Personality Dimensions® is a self-discovery instrument designed to provide the most accurate results possible. It is delivered in a format that recognizes and addresses a variety of learning styles. It is lively, highly interactive, colorful and fun. The objective is to learn about and come to appreciate individual similarities and differences. Personality Dimensions® helps improve interpersonal relations and communications by having participants apply the information they learn in the workshop to their everyday lives.

Over the past couple of decades, Canadian professionals working with temperament tools developed in other countries have reaped the benefits of those instruments but have also recognized some cultural differences. Requests for up-to-date Canadian materials led to the development of Personality Dimensions®…the next level in temperament self-discovery tools.

The theoretical background of this tool goes all the way back to Hippocrates, Plato and Aristotle. Primarily, however, Personality Dimensions(r) is based on the works of Carl Jung, David Keirsey, Linda Berens and Don Lowry. It has been verified by years of expert observation of human behaviour and sound statistical validation studies which have yielded solid empirical data.

The Personality Dimensions® model recognizes that there are four innate systems which drive our behaviour and through which people strive to experience self-esteem. Participants learn about preferences not labels. They gain a deeper understanding of their strengths as well the cause of challenges they may face in their life and their work. They also increase their understanding, tolerance and acceptance for those whose temperament is different from their own.

Personality Dimensions® is a truly valuable and useful communication tool that carries over to every aspect of our lives.

Personality Dimensions